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JBS (Japan Broadcasting System)

JIN will open 24 hour Internet Television Studio on December 2005 in Roppongi, Tokyo. Roppongi is now the hottest spot in Tokyo, and lots of visitors from all over the world enjoy the town 24hours every day. In the morning, people go to the Starbucks Coffee or 24hours Sushi Bar, at lunch time businessmen and women go to the fast food noodle shops and in the evening all Western, Asian, African, Hispanic and Japanese youngsters hung around the main and the back street in Roppongi. The public transportation ends at the midnight, and multi-national visitors stay in Roppongi till morning.

JIN internet television broadcasting studio will serve also 24hours at the main street of Roppongi and bilingual staff will host their TV program and multi-national visitors will stop by at the cafe-bar that JIN also manages next to the studio.

It is very important to have a function of broadcasting internationally for every nation in order to gain understanding from global citizens around nation.

American is very good at it as the television first started in the United States and USA is lucky to have an American like Ted Turner. (the Founder of the CNN) English is also talented as they are the standard maker of the Global de-facto standard language called English and their BBC is widely watched all over the world. However, Japanese (Nippon Jin) were mostly quite shy and they were not skilful to express their opinions and feelings to other races and nationality since they say that Japanese are homogeneous and didn't need clear out put gesture and loud voices.

And as every nation need to have one like the Aljajira of Arabic sample, Japan need to have one also. But strangely enough, Japan did not have any 24hour Television service in English until now.

JIN now decided to have one and will open it's studio in this coming October in Roppongi.

Please expect what we will offer in October and we are now working hard to actualize Nippon-Jin's dream!

By Makoto Michael Asabuki

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